I’ll turn your conference talk or workshop into an ebook, white paper, or blog post.

It takes so long to plan, create and prepare an insightful, educational and actionable conference session. At SaaStock I know how hard the content team works with the speakers to create and refine every single session. 

I can’t help you plan, prepare and deliver your conference talk or workshop. But I can help you extend its life, and deliver value for the other 364 days a year after the conference has finished.

Turning your conference talk into ebook content will:

✓ Bring your expertise to a wider audience beyond the conference

✓ Turn that talk into a valuable piece of content that you own – not the conference producer

✓ Be a thought-leadership asset you can use to generate new leads


I worked with Integrate, a US-based company that are a leader in demand and marketing orchestration, to turn a 2-hour workshop at B2B Marketing Exchange into a 9000-word, 40+ page ebook. The finished guide covers everything a marketing team needs to turn their events, trade shows and conferences into a measurable, pipeline-generating machine.


My rates for turning your conference session into written content (ebook, white paper or blog post – whichever you prefer) start from £850, but prices vary depending on the topic, length, and brief.

Send me an email with full details of what you need, and I’ll get back to you with a quote within 72 hours.


To give you an example of how we can work together, here’s an example of my typical process. Timelines are for illustrative purposes; if you need things sooner we can discuss this, or if your talk is particularly in-depth, on a very niche subject, or requires extensive additional research, timelines may vary. 

To kick things off, email me with your:

  • White paper topic
  • Desired length (a rough ballpark is fine)
  • Any supporting material from your talk (video, slides, speaker notes).

I’ll send you a custom quote within 72 hours. If you decide to go ahead, I’ll send a contract for you to sign, along with an invoice for 50% of the balance to secure your spot.

Then I’ll get started.

I’ll deliver an initial outline for you to review within one week. Assuming you’re happy with that, and once you’ve signed off on the outline, I’ll deliver the full draft within three working weeks.

If there’s something you want to change in my draft, don’t panic. My rate includes one free round of revisions, if we don’t get things spot-on first-time.