I’ll write your B2B SaaS ebook or white paper.

White papers and ebooks are a fantastic asset for any inbound marketing strategy. They’re a deep dive into one specific topic, helping you build authority on the topic and building trust with your audience.

But because they’re a deep-dive, they’re normally a long-form piece of content. You may find it hard to dedicate the time to writing an ebook yourself, or you may not have the capacity within your team to work on a single piece of content for an extended period of time.

That’s where I can help.

I’ve written ebooks for companies like SaaStock, Integrate and Akkroo. And I can help you write your SaaS ebook or white paper, to generate more leads for your business.


I worked with SaaStock, a global community of software as a service (SaaS) founders, executives, and investors, to produce a 3000-word ebook on the topic of SaaS marketing. The finished guide covers everything an early-stage founder needs to know to get started marketing their SaaS. This ebook was translated into Portuguese, and to date has delivered more than 1000 new leads for the business.


I base my B2B white paper quotes on a per-project basis. This means you’re paying for the finished content, rather than the time it takes me to create it.

My rates for writing B2B ebooks and white papers start from £850, but prices vary depending on the topic, length, and brief.

Send me an email with full details of what you need, and I’ll get back to you with a quote within 72 hours.


To give you an example of how we can work together, here’s an example of my typical process. Timelines are for illustrative purposes; if you need things sooner we can discuss this, or if your ebook topic is particularly in-depth, on a very niche subject, or requires extensive additional research, timelines may vary. 

To kick things off, email me with your:

  • Ebook or white paper topic
  • Desired length (a rough ballpark is fine)
  • Any supporting material from your company (blog posts, web pages, videos etc)

…and I’ll send a custom quote within 72 hours.

If you decide to go ahead, I’ll send a contract for you to sign, along with an invoice for 50% of the balance to secure your spot.

Then I’ll get started.

I’ll deliver an initial outline for you to review within one week. Assuming you’re happy with that, and once you’ve signed off on the outline, I’ll deliver the full draft within three working weeks.

If there’s something you want to change in my draft, don’t panic. My rate includes one free round of revisions, if we don’t get things spot-on first-time.